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Bio Bernard Robinson

Founder, President/CEO Institute for Human Development

Bernard is a seasoned Performance Management Consultant. Over the past 35+ years, he has provided solutions to clients across the United States and Canada. Having gained the status of Emeritus with the Institute for Management Consultants, he has been a Certified Management Consultant for more than 20 years and has gained a reputation as a skilled and insightful leadership and business development coach. In addition, as an innovative curriculum designer, he has created 100’s of learning experiences and programs for corporate, government and business customers. Over the years, Bernard has excelled in helping leaders examine their practice of the “art of leadership” and organizations make changes that enabled them to move from being good influencers operational teams of people, to being great. He continues to actively coach, mentor, and guide professionals in developing their careers, business operations and building profit systems and solutions.

The Institute equips individuals and businesses, at whatever level and size they find themselves, to push through varied performance roadblocks so they can take the actions needed to repair, sustain, and grow the potential of its people and enhance their capacity for performance excellence and financial strength.

Having worked on and led small and large projects with corporate businesses, government, healthcare, regulatory affairs, energy industries and not-for-profit organizations, at all levels, Bernard is an experienced, able, and talented performance management consultant guide and coach to both leaders and business.

In fact, the Institute’s, Performance Enhancement Coaching System™. (PEC), skillfully guides leaders in making their visions evolve into reality.


Having facilitated hundreds of performance improvement forums, developmental learning programs, and organization-wide performance improvement interventions, Institute has served more than 30,000 individuals and hundreds of businesses. IHD now focuses on the areas of leadership coaching, speaking, and helping small business owners build and grow their companies.

Bernard is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). TheInternational Symbol of Consulting Competence, Integrity and Excellence designation is the International Symbol of Consulting Competence, Integrity and Excellence by the Institute for Management Consultants USA.  As a seasoned Consultant, Bernard is designated Emeritus status, by IMC USA, as a Certified Management Consultant. He takes pride in building and sustaining excellent relationships with his clients. 

The Skills of an Effective Leader - Bernard RobinsonBernard is author of The Skills of an Effective Leader:  Becoming a Leader Others Want to Follow. This book is a conversation between the author and reader and seeks to help each reader improve their knowledge and practical practice of “the art of leadership.”  Bernard has crafted a conversation that challenges the reader to take an honest look at the quality of their leadership and fashion a skill focus that responds to their developmental needs. He was also the host of “The Leadership Forum,” on VoiceAmerica’s Talk Radio Network from 2017 -2018.

In July 2019, Bernard became Chairman of the Board of Directors of the SLK Healthcare Services Corporation. SLK takes an integrated approach to care and prevention and seeks to improve the quality of life for those with HIV/AIDS. SLK offers those with HIV/AIDS unfettered access to high quality, life extending care that is free from stigma and discrimination.

Finally, the Institute has a “Legacy of Excellence” in providing solutions and designing and leading Performance Improvement Interventions that improve performance and operation.